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30 day zero foundation video course

If you are a photographer, it doesn't matter if you don't know the equipment, camera parameters and shooting method. We will use three preview classes to clear all kinds of blind spots in photography study. If you want to be an advanced photographer, this course is also suitable for you. The formal course will be divided into three parts, 30 days of ultra-high information, you will experience a high-density, fast-paced learning cycle.

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Mobile photography rookie introduction to advanced practical video tutorial

Mobile photography is becoming more and more popular, but how to take a beautiful photo is not a problem that can be solved by downloading several apps. I want to be the best photographer in the circle of friends! How big can mobile phone photos print? How to shoot? What good photography software are there? We'll tell you all about it!

10G MP4 Chinese Mandarin Introduction to photography

How to quickly become a freelance photographer video tutorial

You'll learn all the skills a freelance photographer needs and learn how to create your own studio from zero to one. Suitable for the crowd: photographers who have no photography foundation or weak foundation and have not received systematic teaching.

20G mp4 Chinese Mandarin Introduction to photography

Teach you how to make a movie class wedding dress video tutorial

Through the explanation of the three stages of the prophase, the middle and the later stage, it systematically shows the complete production process and experience of the wedding film from the specific shooting ideas, equipment selection, equipment use skills, shooting skills, post editing and so on.

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Video tutorial of photography guidance skills for children aged 0-12

If you want to take a beautiful picture for your baby, you should first understand the psychology of the baby. Through the understanding of the baby's psychology, you can draw inferences from one instance and innovate the way of guidance to meet the different needs of shooting. Therefore, understanding the baby's psychology is very important for good guidance.

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Video course of outdoor shooting of basic portrait

6 scenes, 11 super practical portrait photography knowledge, warm man must teach you to shoot a good girlfriend.

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Learn how to shoot gourmet videos from scratch

This is a photography course about food and life. Don't worry about your zero foundation. In the past year, 90% of the students will not use cameras before class. Maybe we won't be particularly good food photographers, but we can learn to be good life recorders.

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Video course of portrait photography of beautiful girls

This course is a basic portrait shooting course. You can learn this course by mastering the basic operation of camera (micro single). If you want to improve your portrait shooting skills, and want to take pictures of your sister with Japanese style, you can learn this course.

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Children's small fresh outdoor and indoor portrait before and after the video tutorial

From equipment selection to lighting, from clothing matching to photo composition and post finishing of children's photography. Overall, comprehensive and systematic, this is our key consideration. This is a course for independent photographers and zero basis learning. I like your empty cup state better, so I can get into the learning rhythm better.

5G MP4 Chinese Mandarin Children's photography

Video tutorial for shooting and creating scenery photography blockbuster

The course starts with the introduction of the key points to be paid attention to when shooting, and how to grasp the opportunity, use the prospect, the main body and the angle to take photos, so that everyone can fully understand the interest of the scenery film, let everyone know how to think, create, and how to take unique scenery photos.

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Advanced color matching video course of scenery photography

Advanced color matching course of scenery photography

3G flv Chinese Mandarin Late photography

Fundamentals of Photography: Canon 5D Mark III Basics Video Tutorial

The super detailed speed up all the functions of 5D Mark III, such as photography, camera shooting, recording, camera maintenance, firmware upgrade, use skills and so on.

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Fundamentals of Photography: Nikon d800 basic video tutorial

Super detailed speed up all functions of d800, photography, camera maintenance, firmware upgrade, use skills and so on

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Fundamentals of Photography: Advanced Video Course on photography technology and photographic exposure

Photography and exposure advanced learning, each section is relatively independent, you can choose what you like to watch

4.23G AVI Chinese captions Advanced photography

A complete series of video tutorials for travel Terminator

If you've been bothered by these things during your trip: there are so many people in the scenic spots, and all the photos are "group photos of a tour here". When you face the camera, you are embarrassed, and you don't know where to put your hands What kind of equipment do you take with you? How to break the time shortage due to the large number of people in the scenic area? Come all the way to the tourist destination, but take photos as casual as the door?

2.04G MP4 Chinese Mandarin Introduction to photography

Japanese fresh portrait shooting video

What is girlhood feeling, how to establish girlish heart, how to use and function of color matching and props, how to let girls enter the state through communication and guidance, the later color matching guide for beautiful girl portrait, including presupposition and works collection

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Portrait master training camp Season 2

Beyond the past, you can choose five themes of Portrait Photography: private house, ancient style, Japanese style, retro style and suspension?? The most popular portrait style is all in one shot, allowing you to get close to the shooting site, just like a master photographer. Pre shooting preparation, shooting real scene operation, post technical skills, all decryption to you!

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Learn photography from scratch

It's suitable for students who can't read the instruction manual after buying a camera to take pictures. Students who don't know what mode to use. Those who have cameras but can't operate basic operations go out

8G MP4 Chinese Mandarin Introduction to photography

Zero basic introduction private portrait photography and later video course

Zero basic introduction private portrait photography and later Chinese video course

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The video course of full shot of SLR

Breaking the bottleneck of photography

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Teach you to play with light easily creative artificial light video tutorial

Photographer is a profession dealing with light. Some people explore light, others pursue light. Controlling light is the most correct way for photographers to play with light

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Play flash special training class from scratch - 20 business cases

Photography is an art of using light, and the flash lamp is a prop for you to play with light and shadow. Starting from zero basis, it explains the hardware knowledge, application skills and actual combat analysis of the flash, so that you can get a comprehensive understanding of the flash and control it easily. Open up a new field of photography for you.

14.19G MP4 Chinese Mandarin Advanced photography

Product photography basics to advanced practical video tutorial

More comprehensive understanding of the use of studio flash lights, light control accessories, auxiliary tools, learn to use online shooting to timely observe the details of the pictures taken, improve the quality and efficiency of shooting. The most important thing is to deepen the understanding of the basic knowledge of lighting and realize the flexible use of light through a variety of types of real shooting cases.

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PS + LR complete example course of portrait photography with materials

Use Lightroom and Photoshop for detailed decoration, including the whole process of selecting, color matching, modifying details, skin grinding, body adjustment and output, and learn the necessary skills to turn photos into photographic works.

8G mp4 Chinese Mandarin Late photography

A lamp allows you to shoot N kinds of portrait blockbusters

From the simple to the deep, it brings you the skills of using flash, so that your portrait works can be upgraded to a higher level.

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Commercial photography course of architectural photography and interior lighting

In foreign commercial photography, there are some unique analysis of lighting, indoor light and natural light source control, from which we can learn a lot

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Advanced photography: detailed explanation of flash lighting layer by layer video course

The CD-ROM consists of 6 complete shots, lasting nearly 9 hours,. The original purpose of the first shooting was to teach and review, focusing on the shooting process, so that novices can make faster progress.

2.68G MP4 Chinese captions Advanced photography

Fundamentals of Photography: Photo Studio Portrait Lighting video tutorial

This course is suitable for beginners. It explains the basic knowledge of lighting and the use of light meter in detail and systematically!

1.62G MP4 Chinese captions Introduction to photography

Novice must learn SLR camera entry photography video

Novice must learn SLR camera entry photography video

10.9G MP4 Chinese Mandarin Introduction to photography

Zero basics introductory photography and filmmaking video course

It takes half a year to create a self-taught photography essential manual, sharing its many years of shooting experience. Through the introduction of basic camera, visual narrative, interview photography, slow motion, delay photography, aerial photography and UAV shooting, story creation, behind the scenes production, it will help you understand the art and science of film production, and teach you to form a unique image style.

12G MP4 Chinese captions photography classes

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